Assured Remote Computing (ARC)

Assured Remote Computing

Assured Remote Computing

  • VPN & VDI are not secure enough if the end-points are exposed to vulnerabilities
  • Protects corporate networks and servers when accessed through remote PCs
  • Sanitized and secure end-points for the work-from-home era
  • Strong biometrics for the edge computing
  • Transform any PC into a trusted enterprise asset


Use Cases

Clean VPN & VDI end-points

VPN & VDI are not secure enough to protect the enterprise servers. A malware can easily pass-through the VPN end-point to the server. Only sanitized end-points can protect the enterprise servers from malicious attacks. ARC offers a read-only clean and sanitized OS on every boot.

Work from Home, securely

When enterprises require employees to work from home by remotely connecting to their servers and networks using sanitized operating systems

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

When enterprises allow their employees to bring own devices to work; Usually, personal Laptops might be infected due to the nature of internet browsing habits in an unprotected working environment. ARC sets aside the personal hard drive and loads the enterprise’s sanitized OS in read-only mode, thus utilizing only the compute power of the Laptop, yet through a sanitized environment.

Restrict Virus Attacks

Malware/Virus cannot be installed on the read-only operating system. It may run temporarily on the RAM, but when the device is rebooted, the vulnerable content will be wiped off. With appropriate server binding, VPN access and network & firewall configuration, enterprises can limit the sources of malware and viruses.

Restrict Malware Propagation

Wherever copy/duplication from a read-only storage is required, ARC shall effectively protect against malware propagation.

Remote Vendor Access

Manage remote vendor access using sanitized OS and only by the registered vendors using their biometric authentication.

Remote Data Administration

Allow secure remote administration using sanitized OS packed with advanced admin tools required for the remote support team.



Biometric Authentication

On-board fingerprint 360° touch-sensor by FPC, Multi-User with multi-fingerprint registrations, Encrypted fingerprint templates never leave the device’s secure element

Secure Hardware Controller

AES-256 hardware-based encryption, Configurable Auto-Lock / Self-Destruction timer for unauthorized authentication attempts, Designed in compliance with FIPS 140-2 Level 2 standards

Secure Storage Management

Optional encrypted partition for storing data during operations, Partition will be unlocked only against fingerprint authentication, Partition accessibility can be locked to the sanitized OS.

Secure Key Management

Generates encryption Keys internally using RNG module, Every fingerprint is encrypted by a new Key, Every partition is encrypted by a new Key

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