A compact & encrypted usb storage device featuring biometric authentication; for multi-user usability with military-grade data-at-rest encryption. An associated device management tool extends total control to enterprise administrators.
The standard usb flash/pen drives have earned a negative penchant in enterprise security stature as being root cause of the typical data loss and breaches in enterprises across.



Biometric Authentication

On-board fingerprint 360° touch-sensor by FPC, Multi-User with multi-fingerprint registrations, Encrypted fingerprint templates never leave the device’s secure element

Secure Hardware Controller

AES-256 hardware-based encryption, Configurable Auto-Lock / Self-Destruction timer for unauthorized authentication attempts, Designed in compliance with FIPS 140-2 Level 2 standards

Secure Storage Management

Multiple storage partitions, Additional PIN protection for each partition, Partition ownership to an individual or a group of users with read-write or read-only permission

Secure Key Management

Generates encryption Keys internally using RNG module, Every fingerprint is encrypted by a new Key, Every Partition is encrypted by a new Key

Device Management Tool

Easy & convenient GUI based software management tool for Windows & macOS platforms to manage Users, Fingerprints and Storage partitions, Optional Enterprise Management GUI tool

Advanced Functionalities

Ring-fencing control (binding device functionality to designated PC systems or network)


USB2.0 connectivity, Functional on all Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, macOS, Android through OTG), No OS Driver is needed

Optional Add-On Features

Extended integration with FIDO2 functionality, Hidden Explorer for Partition - not visible to the Operating System and protects from network sharing and malware,

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