Case Studies

Large bank in Asia

Secure VPN client access using portable/hardened USB devices with read-only operating system and biometric authentication

A multi-national bank

Securing e-commerce payment gateway transactions with 3DID - two factor authentication.

A major technology & engineering conglomerate with global operations

Partnering with a $17Bil Indian multinational company on multiple security solutions for government and enterprise clients.

BlockMail, A blockchain based email solution

Set to launch spam free and fully secure email system based on Blockchain technology.

A large telecom infrastructure provider in India

To offer secure video conferencing as a premium service to its clients. Also, secure access using 3DID for internal use and as a service offering to its customers for email and ERP systems.

Password less FIDO compliance

Discussing with a global software company to explore password less, biometric FIDO UAF devices.

A fortune 10 global MNC

In discussions for a pilot project for Ensurity mobile communication suite for the North American markets (estimated NA license requirement 40,000 nos).

One of the largest wireless operators in the world

Using 3DID two factor authentication to keep a check on spurious advertisement related hacks (complex, unsolved problem globally, for all telcos and advertising clients). Securing 8 million hits a day in India, and with potential to scale to 50mn+ hits globally for the clients.

A space organization in Asia

Secured the entire space net for the organization since 2011 with L4CRYPT network appliances. Also deployed Secure USBs (prohibited all other USB access, by facilitating ThinC Secure USB)

A defence client in Asia

Secured multiple networks with L4CRYPT network appliances, including on vessels and aircrafts, nearly 1600 nodes connected, 4,000 more likely over next two years.

An oil & gas company in Asia (2016 rev of the client US$24 billion)

Secured WAN communication with L4CRYPT network appliances between critical nodes