Secure single sign-on, two/multi factor authentication solution backed by High Capacity Hardware True Random Number Generator and Proprietary Non-Linear Image Cryptography (World’s most crack resistive encryption)

Salient Features

Infinitely Crack Resistive Non-Linear Image Cryptography
Bi-Directional & Out-Of-Band Authentication
High Capacity True Random Number Generation
Highly Scalable (Horizontal & Vertical)
Low Latency & 0% Bounce Rate
Cost Effective & Works Offline!

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Emails taken from inbox of Yousef al-Otaiba reveal Emirati ambassador played role in campaign to tarnish Qatar's image.
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Use Cases

Bank Employee’s Online Login Access

3DID is offered as a 2nd factor to authenticate the employee to securely connect to the core banking servers.

Ecommerce Transactions

After the bank’s payment gateway is chosen, user gets a 3DID notification to his bank’s app for approval.
No customization or modification is required on the merchant’s server or the website. Integration with bank’s server is just two API calls, one for initiating the 3DID 2nd factor and another for validating the user’s choice. A simple SDK is provided to integrate the 3DID client into the bank’s app.

Customer Net/Online-Banking Transactions

Same as the above use case. The only difference here is that there is no merchant involved in the process. Today most banks use SMS OTP as the 2nd factor which is neither feasible in terms of cost or reliable in terms of security/protection. Please refer to the “Replace SMS OTP” use case below for various shortcomings of this solution.

Banking App Protection

Same as the above use cases, but to integrate 3DID with the banking apps.

FIDO – No More Online Passwords!

With the specification of FIDO, passwords and any identity information is not required to be transmitted over the networks and stored on a centralized server. 3DID’s simple Approve/Deny can quickly gain access to the server applications.

FIDO – PC/Laptop Login

Use 3DID’s FIDO to authenticate the user to gain access to this workstation/PC/Laptop. This eliminates the need for username/password and prevents any outsider or intruder to login to the employee’s workstation.

Enterprise Email Access

Use 3DID to login to the enterprise email avoiding passwords and protecting the email content with the strongest possible authentication system.

Enterprise Server Access (PIM, ERP, CRM, Cloud etc.)

Same as the above use case which can be implemented to protect any other enterprise server application using 3DID’s 2nd factor. This solution can be suggested where top management/officials or specialized employees (DBAs, Network Admins) need to access certain server applications where loss of credentials may lead to theft and subsequent hacker access to the critical server. Reference: A top Brazilian bank was held hostage for 5 hours where the DNS account credentials were stolen and DNS settings modified. 3DID for the bank’s admin login could have prevented the credential theft and 3DID for the DNS server login could have prevented the remote hacker access.

Replace SMS OTP

3DID addresses all the above issues and is one of the world’s best 2nd factor authentication solution as it combines true random source with image cryptography preventing all/any man-in-the-middle attacks. Most other 2nd factor solutions rely on some form of trust between the server and the client thus leaving scope for an attacker to re-build/mimic the trust. 3DID is the only TFA solution to induce randomness and dynamism into the codes/keys generated where an attacker cannot mimic the process.

ATM Withdrawals

ATM withdrawals can now be reinforced with 3DID’s 2nd factor where after entering the PIN, user will get a notification to Approve/Deny the ATM transaction. A simple integration is required on the ATM application to implement this solution. Some banks are in the process of implementing this solution for select high- end customers as a premium service and the rest will not receive the 2nd factor notification. Another bank is under trial for implementing the same solution for transaction amounts larger than a specified limit, say Rs. 10,000.00 where 3DID is not triggered for amounts less than this limit.

Online/Cloud Productivity Services

3DID is being evaluated currently by the top players like Microsoft and Google to integrate 3DID 2nd factor as a premium service as they have recognized the strength of 3DID (True Random Source, Capacity and Scalability and Image Cryptography) versus their existing 2nd factor solutions.

Anti-AD (Advertising) Fraud

One of the largest global telecom companies have successfully tested and implemented 3DID to thwart AD fraud. Hackers used malware to mimic user’s consent by clicking the paid AD services on behalf of the user and the user only realized at the end of the month that certain subscriptions are made without their knowledge and consent. 3DID’s image cryptography is used to send the end-user an “Yes/No” approval in a noise induced image only readable by human preventing any malware to sniff the random placement of “Yes” to approve on behalf of the user. This saved a lot of cost, resources, time, reputation and face value to the telecom giant.

Cut SMS Costs & Quick ROI

A top bank in the south-east Asia region was able to evaluate 3DID and arrived at the ROI calculation in 22 months by replacing SMS OTP.

Electronic Cash

3DID’s digital version of physical cash, where a ledger is maintained with the bank/RBI/central banking server and the e-cash could be circulated exactly like physical cash, only with complete audit trail/control.

Digital Document Signing

3DID can be used to validate digital documents using unique signatures. A south east Asian bank tried a solution to accept loan/insurance application supporting documents to be scanned and uploaded at the end- user’s location on the bank’s travelling executive’s registered mobile device.