Secures end-to-end data/video/voice/fax communications over public & private networks in real-time by encrypting each IP packet with a unique, dynamic and random key.

Salient Features

Custom Cipher & Keys
Full-Duplex Encryption & Decryption
Thermal-Noise Based True Random Number Generation
FPGA Based, No Operating System!
Layer 2, 3, 4 Configurable Modes, , 256+ Tunnels
No Backdoors!

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Hackers leak emails from UAE ambassador to US
Emails taken from inbox of Yousef al-Otaiba reveal Emirati ambassador played role in campaign to tarnish Qatar's image.
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Use Cases

Higly Secured Data Communications Between Networks

Between two branches, departments, locations or head-office to the branches.

Secure Sensitive Video Conferences

When highly sensitive video communication is required, L4CRYPT can be a trusted device to secure the end-to-end video channel.

Secure Voice Calling

Same as secure video conferences use case but deployed between two ends of the voice channel or PSTN.

Secure VOIP Traffic

Same as the above use cases, but deployed between two ends of the VOIP terminals.

Simultaneous Data/Video/Voice/Fax Communication

When a same network is used for different purposes, L4CRYPT can effectively encrypt and transmit independent communications/channels simultaneously.

Drop Malware Communication to Remote Hacker Location

Usually malware within the network collects information and credentials and sends them out to a remote hacker location. 

Securing ATM to the Bank Server Connectivity

ATMs are generally prone to malware and remote hacking. With L4CRYPT, any malware residing on the ATM could run within the machine but will not be able to communicate to the hacker location as explained above. 

Securing Intranets & LANs

Small throughput variants could be deployed between machines. LANCRYPT (10 Mbps variant with smaller form factor) can effectively drop malware communication and propagation from the connected machines/PCs to the outside networks or remote hacker locations.

Secure Specific, IP Destination, Application or Port

L4CRYPT can be customized to secure specific IP destination, protocol, application and up to the port level. L4CRYPT does not support this functionality by default, but could be customized.