Ultra-Scalable Passwordless


X-Sense: Extra Identity Sense

X-Sense is an ‘Extra Identity Sense’, proving extra intelligence about identity factor, which can totally mitigate MitM consequences. X-Sense is ultra-scalable, highly secure and also quantum resistant. The solution works as a stand-alone authentication or as a derivative factor of other authentication factors.

Mutual authentication with reverse challenge/response for the user who identify the server blocking replay or JS attacks. X-Sense allows to logout the user remotely if the user forgot to logout.



Authentication to Access Applications

With X-Sense deployed at Server & Client modules of enterprise Applications, a secure Challenge-Response communication exchanges between Server & Client applications.

Key Management & Recovery

X-Sense offers extremely scalable and flexible architecture for enhanced protection of API Key based on a patented NLSS cryptography. X-Sense protected API Keys can be deployed above the existing PKI standards, offering an extra layer of security.

Data Anonymization

Data anonymization is a type of information sanitization, whose intent is privacy protection. It is the process of either encrypting or removing personally identifiable information from data sets, so that the people whom the data describe remain anonymous.

Infinitely Crack Resistive Cryptography

World’s most crack resistive encryption. An authentication solution backed by high capacity hardware true random number generator and proprietary NLSS (Non-Linear Secret Sharing) technology.

Bi-Directional Authentication

X-Sense’s authentication involves both the server and the end-user to complete the process where most other TFA solutions do not offer this unique feature.

NLSS Backed

X-Sense sends a non-linear split (SecureShare) of a random seeded image to the end-client for validation defending any man-in-the-middle attacks. As a part of the share is stored on the server to complete the authentication.

Embedded Information

Only the registered client gets the notification where the end-user device fingerprint (Device ID, IMEI, Sensor Info etc.,) along with the transaction information is embedded into the secret share where each authentication is encrypted differently each time.

Direct Derivation

Unlike other authentication factors, x-sense is directly derived from deterministic fundamental factors like passwords, biometrics, private keys, hardware IDs etc.

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