"Over 80% of breaches within hacking involve brute force or the use of lost or stolen credentials."

- Verizon 2020 DBIR (Data Breach Investigations Report)

"By 2022, 60% of large and global enterprises, and 90% of midsize enterprise will implement passwordless methods."

- Gartner


Why Passwordless?

  • With passwords, your security is not in your control anymore. Passwords are easy to phish. Passwords are used across sites, leading to spraying or stuffing attacks
  • Cuts maintenance headaches & costs. Password management is cumbersome & costs a lot. MFA solutions may enhance security but won't eleminate the need for passwords.
  • Give your employees & customers reason to smile! Users would love to connect & transact without needing to remember passwords, all while enhancing security.

WHY XSense?

Why XSense?

Robust yet seamless secret rotation

  • Password rotation is a key management overload
  • Passwordless solutions need to securely automate secret rotation
  • XSense offers infinite, seamless secret rotation, without needing external setup
  • Users/Enterprises can rotate keys any number of times

Account Recovery/Reset

  • Recovery/Reset is a pain point both for enterprises & users
  • XSense offers multiple modes of highly secure yet decentralized recovery
  • User can simply use any one of the four recovery codes generated from patented [1,2,5] NLSS schema to automatically recover the account without even needing email.
  • Auth transportation from additional registered devices through codes or QR. Without the secret share from either of the devices, recovery can’t be completed.
  • Trusted/Federated recovery – recovery using federated devices within the trusted network.

Mutual Authentication

  • Identity solutions, including other passwordless solutions, typically ensure users are genuine
  • But how does the User ensure he is connected to the genuine Server?
  • Lack of mutual authentication results in spoofing & JS attacks
  • XSense is the only identity solution to offer integrated mutual authentication

Anti-Replay Attack Previntion

  • Session replay attacks pose significant risks to identity & access.
  • Most identity solutions do not offer protection against replay attacks.
  • Some competing solutions offer anti-replay protection but require additional layers of crypto management.
  • Anti-replay protection is integral to XSense’s challenge-response method.
  • Verification coordinates change every authentication attempt, needing new Challenge-Response based on patented NLSS image cryptography.

Seamlessly Integrate your Cloud/On-Premise Apps

  • SAML/OIDC/OAuth - Authentication protocols supported to integrate web applications
  • AAD - Both B2B and B2C are supported as third party authenticator provisions from AAD
  • On-Prem - XSense identity server can be integrated with AD/LDAP using connectors to authenticate users

Eliminate your single biggest source of breaches by going passwordless with XSense

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