“Become a dominant Identity platform that powers the new distributed Zero Trust digital economy”


Learn how ultra-scalable XSense cloud-native distributed identity solution can help you go passwordless and achieve Zero Trust Read More

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81% of all hacking related breaches are due to weak credentials

Passwords not only a poor security legacy, but also difficult to maintain & manage. Decentralize credentials with Passwordless.

Decentralize identity with passwordless. No more password phishing, spraying, stuffing & cumbersome rotation.

Leverage Decentralized Identity (DID)

to bring trust & intelligence out of silos while preserving privacy.
Learn how DID can help enterprises & users achieve better data security.

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Your perimeter is ephemeral, ​dynamic & distributed

Every object – cloud app, on-premise app, device or human needs fine grained access based on distributed identity.

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Learn how our EnSafe helps secure your apps & data​ using privacy protecting encryption methods

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Learn how our ARC biometric protected solution ensures malware free BYOD access.

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Are you running VPN/VDI from BYOD devices?

Malware threat from your remote work & supply chain devices could invalidate Your best defenses.

Ensurity solutions

The new workplace is distributed. Going forward, enterprises will need to deal with & secure distributed apps & endpoint devices. Distributed workplace needs distributed security.​

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In a distributed workplace, every app, every microservice, every computing device, every employee is an object. The basic assumption is that an object should be able to connect to another object securely, irrespective of where the object is physically hosted. An identity-defined security architecture helps to uniquely identify each object.

Ensurity in Elite Group

Ensurity Technologies, with its FIDO2 certified Biometric Security Key "ThinC-AUTH" for passwordless multi-factor authentication, has been inducted into MISA (Microsoft Intelligent Security Association), which consists an elite group of cybersecurity technology companies partnering with Microsoft in building advanced solutions for evolving threats.

MISA comprises of select companies that provide innovative and advanced security technologies. MISA included products for: Azure Active Directory, Azure Information Protection, Windows Defender ATP, Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Graph Security API, Microsoft Cloud App Security, as well as other Microsoft related technologies.

About MISA Ensurity in MISA



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